Luciano Berio - Sinfonia for Eight Voices and Orchestra (Mvt 1)

"In the first movement, there’s a tumultuous explosion that has been described as the musical equivalent of the atomic bomb- which was, at the itme, the elephant in the cold war living room. Then comes a prayer of sorts spelling out the name ‘Martin Luther King,’ the civil rights leader who’d recently been murdered. The third movement features voices babbling in several languages and extravagant collisions of themes, several echoing Wagner, a cacophony that has been interpreted as a comment on rapid population growth. In the fourth, Luciano Berio attempts to draw order out of the preceding Tower of Babel soundscape. In the fifth section, which wasn’t finished when the New York Philharmonic premiered it, the Italian composer uses huge, zooming lunges as his finale; some heard these as an admiring, if veiled, response to the U.S. space program." -Tom Moon

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